EventKG: A Multilingual Event-Centric Temporal Knowledge Graph

The EventKG is a novel multilingual resource incorporating event-centric information extracted from several large-scale knowledge graphs such as Wikidata, DBpedia and YAGO, as well as less structured sources such as the Wikipedia Current Events Portal and Wikipedia event lists in six languages. The EventKG is an extensible event-centric resource modeled in RDF. It relies on Open Data and best practices to make event data spread across different sources available through a common representation and reusable for a variety of novel algorithms and real-world applications.


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   title={EventKG: A Multilingual Event-Centric Temporal Knowledge Graph},
   author={Gottschalk, Simon and Demidova, Elena},
   booktitle={Proceedings of the Extended Semantic Web Conference (ESWC 2018)}

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EventKG provides information for over 970 thousand events and over 2,8 million temporal relations. More than a half of the events (56.25%) originate from the existing knowledge graphs; the others are extracted from semi-structured sources.

Comparison of event representations that originate from knowledge graphs in EventKG (Version V1.1):

Events 322,669 322,669 222,325 214,556 78,527 62,971 47,304 35,682
 known location 26.13% 11.70% 26.61% 6.21% 8.32% 4.03% 10.60% 6.15%
 known time 50.82% 33.00% 39.02% 7.00% 17.21% 2.00% 1.35% 0.08%
EventKG Wikidata YAGO DBpedia (en) DBpedia (fr) DBpedia (de) DBpedia (ru) DBpedia (pt)

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