A Multilingual Event-Centric Temporal Knowledge Graph

The EventKG is a multilingual1 resource incorporating event-centric information extracted from several large-scale knowledge graphs such as Wikidata, DBpedia and YAGO, as well as less structured sources such as the Wikipedia Current Events Portal and Wikipedia event lists in 15 languages. The EventKG is an extensible event-centric resource modeled in RDF. It relies on Open Data and best practices to make event data spread across different sources available through a common representation and reusable for a variety of novel algorithms and real-world applications.

1 currently supported languages: English, French, German, Italian, Russian, Portuguese, Spanish, Dutch, Polish, Norwegian, Romanian, Croatian, Slovene, Bulgarian and Danish

10.5281/zenodo.3733829 / Dataset VoID description

EventKG Applications


Interactive spatio-temporal biographies.

Example biography timeline of Angelina Jolie


Cross-lingual event timelines.

Example event timeline of the Brexit

EventKG Datasets


1000 semantic event-centric queries and their verbalisations in three languages.

  • In what event hosted in the United States in 2004 was Lose My Breath recorded?
    • The 2004 NBA Playoffs
  • Which award organized by the Netherlands Film Festival in 1981 was received by Hannah Hoekstra?
    • The Golden Calf award

Example questions in EventKG (in English; also available: German and Portuguese)


Language-specific event-centric user interaction traces.

English German Russian
Southeast Asian Games 2016 Berlin Truck Attack 2009 Russian Premier League
2017 Southeast Asian Games German student movement 1993 Russian Top League
2014 United States Elections 2006 Austrian legislativ election 2012-13 Russian Premier League

Events with highest language-specific relevance per language

EventKG Statistics

EventKG provides information for over 1.3 million events and over 4.5 million temporal relations. More than a half of the events (56.25%) originate from the existing knowledge graphs; the others are extracted from semi-structured sources.

Comparison of event representations that originate from different resources in EventKG (Version V3.0 - example queries for EventKG, YAGO and English Wikipedia event lists):

EventKG Wikidata YAGO DBpedia (en) DBpedia (fr) DBpedia (bg) Wikipedia event lists (en) Wikipedia event lists (bg)
Events 1,348,561 715,286 262,286 302,274 101,213 7,874 208,727 11,560
 known location 496,537 480,616 63,051 13,784 7,253 1,016 0 0
 known time 1,151,734 498,930 89,276 31,845 23,161 0 208,727 11,560

Example: EventKG contains 302,274 extracted from the English DBpedia. For 13,784 of these events, EventKG has also extracted at least one location from the English DBpedia.

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EventKG is built at the L3S Research Center by the Data Science & Intelligent Systems (DSIS) research group. EventKG is facilitated by the CLEOPATRA Project. The CLEOPATRA Project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under the Marie Skłodowska-Curie grant agreement no. 812997.