The EventKG+TL interface can be found here.


Timelines provide an intuitive way to facilitate an overview of relevant events related to a query entity - i.e. an entity or an event of user interest - over a certain period of time.
EventKG+TL is a novel system that generates cross-lingual event timelines using EventKG and facilitates an overview of the language-specific event relevance and popularity along with the cross-lingual differences.

Example: Brexit

An excerpt of an EventKG+TL timeline representing events related to the query entity "Brexit" in the time interval 01/2015-01/2018, overall including top-8 events from each of the five language contexts in EventKG ranked according to combined raking criterion - i.e. the popularity and the relation strength of the events towards Brexit. Each event is represented by a labeled pie chart. The size of the pie chart corresponds to the overall (i.e. language independent) relevance of the event according to the combined raking criterion. The colored slices determine the ratio of the relevance in a language context (see the legend under the timeline for the color encoding). The duration of the events that lasted for more than a day is marked by the light yellow intervals.

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