VisKonnect is an approach that visualizes the connections between historical figures and their potentially intertwined lives. Such points of contact are events such as sport tournaments, award ceremonies, or summit meetings. VisKonnect relies on EventKG and allows inferring the required information. Through three visualizations—namely, an event timeline, an event map, and a relationship graph—VisKonnect provides access to these connections.

Example: Soccer Players

VisKonnect interface visualizing the result of a query on soccer players: (A) An event timeline shows individual (uni-colored rectangles) and shared (multi-colored rectangles) life events of all historical figures in a user query. (B) An event map provides a geographic perspective of those events. (C) A relationship graph provides an overview of all shared events. (D) Clicking an event brings up a related article from Wikipedia. (E) A chat interface enables typing in a query and generates a short textual answer.

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